TERRY TRUSSELS ARRAIGNMENT UPDATE – please get the message out for all those in FLA and surrounding states

For those planning on attending Terry Trussells next arraignment, be alert as someone is playing games at the Dixie County Court House.  Times are changing for the arraignment.  NOTE IT IS NOW SCHEDULED FOR 10:00 AM, Thursday, October 30, 2014., be alert as someone is playing games at the Dixie County Court…

Please attend this important court event………

If you want to ride with Harry send an email to hmriley@cox.net. Harry will be leaving Crestview, FL at @0300 hours Thursday to drive to Cross City, FL

Breaking News Posted on NLA
October 29, 2014 Unified Common Law Grand Jury files mandamus.pdf  ordering Federal Judge to show cause why he did obey the Law of the Land. Read the Mandamus here > http://nationallibertyalliance.org/breaking-news

John Darash

Alert to All,

Terry’s Arraignment on Thursday, October 30 2014 is at 10:00 AM
We need your support! Please send this to everyone; every organization; All your
followers/members, immediately.

We need every one that can go, to show up at the court house!

If you need more information, Contact Hagan:
352-502-2060 or email at hagansmith1946@yahoo.com 

A line from Hagan Smith

I believe that the Terry Trussell case is the biggest threat to their racketeering criminal scheme in the history of our Constitutional republican form since 1789!

This is evidenced by the lawyer/attorney’s propaganda and their fear as to the outcome of the case. Just look on fog bow to see what I mean. Their ignorance really shines on that site. These people would sell their soul for a buck.

Now is the time for us to act to save the common law to protect our freedom.
Terry needs our financial support to defend this tyranny. It may be YOU, tomorrow if we do not win this issue.

Please contribute to his defense. www.gofundme.com/justiceforterry.

The court house address is:

214 Northeast- Highway 351

Cross City, Florida  32628



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Dixie County, Florida Board of Commissioners Meeting, Oct 16, 2014

Dixie County Board of Commissioners Meeting, Oct 16, 2014

Free Terry Trussell !
Presentations were by Rodger Dowdell, Hagan Smith and Mark Schmitder along with interviews by several people who traveled from throughout Florida, including Terry’s wife Marie, their daughter Canetha. . Also go to: #JusticeForTerry – Jason W Hoyt:
#JusticeForTerry – The People Speak at the Dixie County Board of Commissioners Meeting — @JasonWHoyt: http://www.jasonwhoyt.com/blog/2014/10/17/justiceforterry-the-people-speak-at-the-dixie-county-board-of-commissioners-meeting

Rodger Dowdell & Hagan Smith Speak at Dixie County Board of Commissioner Meeting

MORE: http://www.jasonwhoyt.com/blog/2014/10/17/justiceforterry-the-people-speak-at-the-dixie-county-board-of-commissioners-meeting

Dixie County, FL – With an incredible show of support, patriots and concerned citizens from across Florida met in Cross City, FL to attend the Dixie County Board of Commissioners meeting to discuss the injustice occurring in their county drawing specific attention to the judicial misconduct last week by Judge Hankinson.

…more here: http://www.jasonwhoyt.com/blog/2014/10/17/justiceforterry-the-people-speak-at-the-dixie-county-board-of-commissioners-meeting


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Terry Trussells Fight For Common Law Justice in Dixie County, Florida……..The Fight Against Judicial Injustice Strengthens – UPDATE 10-16-2014



The Fight Against Judicial Injustice Strengthens – UPDATE 10-16-2014


This is a first party update of the Dixie County, FL County Commissioners Meeting (cited below) that was attended by Wendell Beattie and Harry Riley among others.

Wendell and I drove from Crestview, FL to Cross City, FL on 10-16-2014 and joined 50-100 other supporters fighting for Terry Trussells release and vindication of a charge for doing his duty as jury foreman and later convening a “common law grand jury” that voted presentments against government officials.

The Dixie County Commission Chairman started the meeting a positive note.  Since Terry’s issue was not on the official agenda, it ordinarily would have had to be presented during the “public discussion period” at the end of the commission official agenda.  However, the Chairman noting the substantial attendance, elected to move Terry’s issue to the top of the meeting.  He asked for those that wanted to speak, hands raised and the documentation of the travesty Terry experienced  began and was shared with the Commissioners by Mr. Rodger Dowdell, Hagan Smith, as well as several other men and women who spoke in Terry’s defense, many who had witnessed Terry’s arraignment.

Rodger and Hagan laid out the law in a constitutional sense as well as the Florida constitutional application regarding common law and general miscarriage of justice in Terry’s case.  It was compelling evidence that 1. Florida is a “common law” State; 2. The U.S. Constitution clearly supports common law; 3. the Florida Constitution clearly describes the authority of a county commission as key in common law grand jury application; and generally related the absolutely bizarre nature of Judge Hankinson’,  State Attorney Siegmeister, and others behavior involving Terry’s arrest at the arraignment.

It was apparent to me that by the County Commission’s attention, that they were grasping the serious nature of what was happening to a citizen in the United States, Terry Trussell, who is being punished for uncovering illegal activity, and having the guts to stand for justice rather than contribute to more corruption.  (You can read the sequence of events of Terry’s judicial encounter below)

There was one request from the floor for the Commission Chair to read US Constitution V Amendment.  The Chair declined but another Commissioner volunteered to read to the audience.  He read, “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment of indictment of a Grand Jury, …” and of course there has never been a Grand Jury hear any issue regarding Terry Trussell.  Bottom line, Judge Hankinson ordered Terry arrested and is holding him without bond, a V Amendment injustice.

I also spoke with Terry’s wife, Marie as well as their daughter.  Both are doing well, fully committed to the path needed to exonerate Terry and prove to America that “we the people” are the power given through the US constitution and have rights from God that no judge nor any other human can take from us.  Marie indicated Terry was well. The medical episode he had after initial incarceration and landed him in the hospital, resulted from him not having his medication for 2-3 days.  The obvious discomfort of a cell, as well as absence from family is troubling but Terry’s attitude is “he is right, they are wrong” and that means a fight for justice.

Finally, at the end of the presentation by Terry’s supporters, the Chair of the commission asked Rodger Dowdell, “what is it that you want”?  Rodger stated, “We are asking the Dixie County Commissioners to grant us a room in the Court House to conduct a “new common law Grand Jury” proceeding.  The Chair initially responded, “we don’t have that authority, it belongs with the judicial”.  To which Rodger Dowdell, cited Florida Constitutional authority that the County Commission has the authority to do exactly what is being asked, “provide a room in the Court House to conduct a common law Grand Jury proceeding”. At this point there was no further discussion as the Commission Chair was either convinced or had no further rebuttal.

The Chair of the commission stated there could be no vote on the request for Court Room space at the present meeting, as the issue related to Terry Trussell was not a formal agenda item.  It was agreed that the item would be accepted as a formal agenda point for the next County Commission meeting which I believe is November 6, 2014. (I was not given any information related to Terry’s release from jail.)

The general sense of Wendell, myself, and others as to the reception by the Commissioners was positive, encouraging, and uplifting,  particularly to Terry’s wife and daughter in spite of Terry’s continued absence from the family.

There is strength in prayer, and our number one resource on Terry’s and the families behalf. Please be praying, and if you can, be prepared to visit Cross City, FL on November 6, 2014 in support of Terry, his family, and show strength to the County Commission that America is standing with Terry and family.

Hankinson, Siegmeister, and others in the government establishment are wrong, Terry Trussell is right.  Someone has to drain the judicial cesspool…Terry didn’t ask to be thrown in it, but he will fight like hell to drain it……..

Use the “blow by blow” debacle description below to notify every media outlet, talk radio, editor, representative, FL Gov Scott, AG Bondi, legal firms, FB, email lists……..far and wide……..let’s sink injustice and establish justice in the Florida and US judiciary.


Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

Crestview, FL

When Injustice Becomes Law
Resistance Becomes Duty

Dixie County, FL: Vietnam Veteran Appears in Court, Gets Arrested for Failure to Appear (+Audio)

Dixie County, Florida and the “Gavel Heard ‘Round the World!”

Terry Trussell Support…………URGENT

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Ebola: The Truth About the Outbreak (Documentary) 10/07/2014


https://www.youtube.com/user/cgreene34 | I give the to Christopher Greene of AMTV. True Info Mike: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJsjRH4aqInvViC1CW_Xrlw

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the truth about the Ebola outbreak 2014.

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#StopEbolaStrike: National Strike to Force Obama to Block West African Flights

Administration committing criminal neglect by failing to secure America against outbreak


by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | October 17, 2014

Infowars.com is calling for a general strike across the United States in response to the federal government’s botched response to the Ebola outbreak and the Obama administration’s refusal to block flights coming in from West Africa.

Countries bordering those in West Africa impacted by the Ebola outbreak have been successful in stopping the spread of the virus by blocking flights, including Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal, and yet the Obama administration has refused to do likewise despite innumerable public figures calling on the White House to take action.

Numerous airlines have also restricted flights to Ebola-affected countries and yet the United States remains wide open to potential Ebola patients not only via airports but also via the country’s porous southern border, where hundreds of illegal aliens from Ebola-hit countries have poured across in recent months.

Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, commander of the U.S. Southern Command, has also warned that if the Ebola outbreak continues to rage it could cause “mass migration into the United States” of victims seeking treatment.

By refusing to block flights or tighten border security, the Obama administration is aiding and abetting the spread of Ebola and engaging in dereliction of duty by refusing to adopt the default position under such circumstances.

That’s why we’re launching a national campaign for all non-essential workers in the United States to strike from Monday through Wednesday next week.

We are calling on everyone to get behind the strike by tweeting under the hashtag #stopebolastrike and by personally participating in the general strike from Monday to Wednesday. We also invite other media outlets and media personalities to support the strike.

We have also launched a petition at WhiteHouse.gov which we encourage all Americans to sign here.

If the Obama administration fails to respond to the strike by Wednesday, it will be prolonged until the federal government is forced to take proper action to fight Ebola.

The CDC has proven itself to be dangerously inept and woefully unprepared to deal with a wider Ebola outbreak in the United States after two nurses who should have been properly protected contracted the virus from patient zero – Thomas Eric Duncan.

The CDC also gave express permission for Ebola victim Amber Vinson to travel on a commercial airliner after she had frequent contact with Duncan during his treatment at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, potentially exposing 132 passengers who also flew on the Frontier Airlines plane.

The federal government is committing criminal neglect by failing to implement the very measures that have proven successful in other countries in stopping the spread of the Ebola outbreak.

Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71
FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson @ https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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National Liberty Alliance Monday Calls for 10/06/2014 & 10/13/2014


Archive For Live Monday Night Call 9PM EST

N.L.A. Monday Night Call for 10/06/14

N.L.A. Monday Night Call for 10/13/14

For Beginners Understanding National Liberty Alliance and the Power of the Grand Jury!!!

Please come and join us to help get our constitutional God-given rights back.
Join the Allegheny County Common Law Grand Jury Reinstatement Committee meeting Every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM , until further notice.

King’s Family Restaurant

5 Alpha Drive, Harmarville, PA

We really need your help to save our Nation.

Please come and bring a friend or family member.

If you would like to join The Allegheny County Peoples Common Law Grand Jury Reinstatement Committee. Please contact Mike Fulmer and also signup at National Liberty Alliance: http://nationallibertyalliance.org and please go over the info & videos on the website. Sign Up Here

Here’s Mike’s Contact Info.:
Phone: (412) 403-8801
E-mail: ac.clgj_mike@yahoo.com or maf1989@gmail.com


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Terry Trussell Support…………URGENT



Please distribute to other members of the Tea Party, and we invite you to please attend:


The Dixie County Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Tomorrow evening, October 16th at 6:00 PM

214 NE Highway 351

Cross City, FL  32628

Terry George Trussell is an outstanding member of the Dixie County Community with a record of positively contributing to the community in many ways. Additionally, he is an Army veteran, a courageous Patriot, a loving husband and father, as well as a retired business person. He loves his country and his community deeply. He is now being severely punished for doing the duty he was asked to do by his county government as the Foreman of the Dixie County Grand Jury.
     1.            In April of this year, Terry was asked to serve as a grand juror for Dixie County, was sworn in, and selected to be the Foreman of the Grand Jury.
     2.            Terry read the Florida rules for grand juries and the Florida Grand Jury Handbook. He understood his duties as Grand Jury Foreman.
     3.            As Foreman, Terry had a sworn duty to bring any criminal complaints he became aware of to the attention of the Grand Jury in Dixie County.
     4. Terry learned about alleged criminal behavior of Dixie County Public Officers and State officials regarding the deployment of Common Core curriculum into the public schools, where after money was paid, the agreement was made to change the curriculum before the new curriculum was published.  Terry brought before the Grand Jury this complaint of official wrongdoing (bribery) associated with the adoption of the Common Core curriculum.
     5.            In the process of bringing the complaint in front of the Grand 
Jury, 3rd Circuit Court State Attorney Jeffrey Siegmeister breached multiple Florida statutes by interfering with the official work of the Foreman and manipulating the Jury, thereby causing the Jury to become tainted.
     6.            Terry documented the events and put the evidence in the form of a Bill of Information into the public record and also gave a letter to Judge Munkittrick, the presiding judge who empaneled the Grand Jury.
     7.            As Grand Jury Foreman, Terry now faced a difficult problem: he is duty bound to bring forward two criminal complaints, one on Common Core curriculum and the other on Jeffrey Siegmeister’s unlawful and illegal behavior.  However, the sitting Grand Jury was already tainted by Siegmeister’s actions. Terry knew that Florida is a Common Law state, so he set up a meeting with We the People of Dixie County to ask if they wanted to reestablish their Constitutionally-guaranteed Common Law Grand Jury. The People voted yes to move forward.
     8.            The Common Law Grand Jury was renamed The People’s Grand Jury Under Common Law in Dixie County and convened to consider the two criminal complaints.  They handed down two True Bills of Presentment, which meant that they believed enough evidence existed to require investigation into both issues. The two True Bills were entered into the public record. 
     9.            Through interviews with members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), it became clear that Terry, because he did his duty as Grand Jury Foreman, was now under attack by the judicial system and FDLE in a systematic effort to engineer a cover-up of Siegmeister’s alleged crimes. In other words, simply because he did his duty and the Grand Jury voted two True Bills of Presentment, he was being charged with 10 felonies for “simulating a legal process,” the possible penalties if convicted of 70 years in jail.  In fact, Terry did nothing but what was his sworn duty to do. The evidence clearly shows he DID NOT simulate a legal process.
10.            On September 2nd, Terry was arrested and jailed based on a fatally flawed affidavit. Judge Hankinson’s then issued an order, and warrant for the arrest of TERRY GEORGE TRUSSELL. A Void Judgment True Bill was drafted and filing was attempted in both Dixie County Court Clerk Office as well as with the Court Clerk in Perry (seat of the Circuit Court where Judge Hankinson is assigned), both clerks refused to file these important legal papers in terry’s defense.  Additionally, it was discovered that the Court Clerk in Dixie County, Dana Johnson, removed and altered, or had removed and altered, official paperwork that Terry had filed previously into the public record.
11.            This past Thursday, October 9th, Terry was prepared and present for his 10:00 AM arraignment at the Dixie Court House when at about 9:30 AM, the Deputy Sheriff delivered a 3-page document to Terry and told him the Judge stated if Terry wanted to speak at his own arraignment, he would be required to sign the document.  Terry knew if he signed this document, he would be giving up his Constitutionally-protected right to a trial by a jury of his peers. He, therefore, declined to sign it.
12.            In the courtroom at 10:00 AM, Judge Hankinson asked “Is Terry George Trussell here, and if yes, please step forward.” Terry was sitting in the courtroom, and he stood up in a clear voice and said “I am here to speak on this matter.”  The Judge responded with a question “Are you Terry George Trussell?” As Terry began to respond, the Judge began speaking over Terry and, once again, asked “Is Terry George Trussell here?” Once again, Terry responded affirmatively. The Judge ignored Terry’s response a second time. Finally, the Judge asked once again with which Terry responded “For the record, I am here to speak on that matter.” The Judge then said, “Let the record show that Terry George Trussell has not appeared,” and ordered his arrest on Failure to Appear while also suspending his bond.  Terry then said in a very clear and loud voice, “I object! I am here.” The Sheriff Deputies walked over and took Terry by his arms out of the courtroom, handcuffed him, and took him to jail. There are 26 signed, sworn, and notarized affidavits from people who witnessed the events in Judge Hankinson’s courtroom that day.  You may click on this link to hear an audio file of these court proceedings at Terry’s arraignment.
13.            According to the Florida Grand Jury Handbook provided at FloridaSupremeCourt.org, a Grand Jury Foreman has complete immunity for his actions except in the case he breached the rights of a witness. Because there were no witnesses, brought before the Jury, Terry George Trussell maintained his immunity.
The evidence in this case is clear: if you report a crime by a government official in Dixie County, you will be prosecuted as a criminal.  Every action Terry took was based on the Constitution for the united States, the US Supreme Court decision in the case of US v Williams (1992) and as well as the Florida Grand Jury Instructions and the Florida Grand Jury handbook.
Terry is now suffering the loss of his Constitutionally-protected rights for doing his duty. The Dixie County judicial system is working hard to cover up the alleged criminal behavior of Jeffery A. Siegmeister, Judge Munkitrick as well as Dana Johnson. They are instead prosecuting Terry George Trussell on phony charges.
I believe the critical question is:  Does the Constitution still apply in Dixie County?
Once you listen to the judges own words, it becomes clear he had no interest in dispensing justice during Terry’s arraignment. His mission was to punish a person who had the courage to report criminal behavior by a corrupt State Attorney. Please don’t forget that Florida Statutes say clearly that the Grand Jury Foreman has complete immunity for his actions with only one exception, breaching the rights of a witness. The reason the foreman has immunity is to protect him from the retribution by those in power.
Because of separation of powers, you as Dixie County commissioners can not address the corruption that has surfaced in the court directly, but you can begin the work of cleaning it up by simply recognizing the fully Constitutional People’s Grand Jury Under Common Law in Dixie County. It is The People’s Grand Jury Under Common Law in Dixie County that has handed down the two True Bills that Terry is now  being punished for.
If you do so vote, the PGJ will investigate the alleged criminal activity that occurred during Terry’s arraignment and insure that Terry and ALL the People in Dixie County do receive Due Process of Law.
Here is the link to the audio of the arraignment. Simply find the picture with the red circle on it and click the arrow.
Please read the attached Precedent case of U.S. v. Williams, beginning at page 47 “A” through page 51 “B”
Rodger Dowdell: rbd7804@gmail.com
Visit Constitutional Emergency at:
National Liberty Alliance:
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