Hagan Smith Interview

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The Alex Jones Show: Sunday, December 29, 2013 (Full Show) 12/29/13


I give the credit to The Liberty Defined. Patriot of the Republic maf1989b (Mike Fulmer).







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On this explosive Sunday, December 29 live worldwide transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Alex returns to the airwaves and breaks down the reports of impeachment proceedings beginning in Congress which are now sweeping the nation. The Democratic National Committee is now urging its supporters to vote for Democrats to keep Obama from being impeached. Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) said that Obama’s broad usurpation of power is “setting the stage for something very dangerous in the future.” Alex also takes your calls, breaks down the critical year that 2014 will be and reviews the year behind us. All of this and more on the Alex Jones Show.






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Monday, December 9, 2013 – National Lberty Alliance Conference Call:


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Webster Tarpley

http://justinwallis.com/welcome | In this exclusive interview for Prison Planet.tv subscribers, author Webster Tarpley goes into detail on a whole host of historical, financial and geopolitical issues in a bid to outline the major crises, revolutions and wars that will hit the globe over the next decade and shape the future of our world.


http://www.youtube.com/user/djscrumpit | http://tarpley.net
http://www.infowars.com | http://www.infowars.net
http://www.wearechange.org | http://www.trueworldhistory.info

Webster Tarpley: The Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination







Addendum video with Webster Griffin Tarpley “Webster Griffin Tarpley: Quackademic Darwinian Charlatans” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z92M_bOKxGg&hd=1

In this interview, Dr. Tarpley reviews the writings of John P. Holdren, the current White House science advisor. This interview conclusively exposes scientific elite’s true agenda, world-wide genocide and the formation of a global government to rule.

We encourage all our subscribers to watch this video now at http://PrisonPlanet.tv by visiting the “video reports” section. Not a member? Please click here to subscribe and get instant access to this interview, along with thousands of hours of material, including daily access to the live video stream and video archives of The Alex Jones Show.



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Jack the Royal Ripper 12/13/13

The Royal Ripper – Part 1 – Jack the Ripper


Many of the town folk believed that the highest in the land were involved in the killings.

And believed to be part of the government therefore the murderer was not to be had for they had a vested interest in keeping his identity sealed.

In 1973, what is called “Ripperologists’ (people who fancied themselves as a person to collect research on the subject), told that ‘Jack’ was not one man but a carefully organised cabal.

They were carried out in order to avoid a Royal scandal by a ruthless and powerful group using the Masonic lore as a cloak for their crimes.

Joseph Sickert, son of the painter Walter Sickert comes forward with this story:

Sickert’s story revolved around the Prince of Wales’ household.

In 1883 his wife, Princess Alexandra, had asked the young painter Walter Sickert to introduce their eldest son Prince Albert Victor (Eddy to his friends) to the artistic and literary life of London.

Sickert introduced Eddy to one of his models, a pretty Irish Catholic girl called Annie Elizabeth Crook.

They fell for each other and, according to Sickert, went through two clandestine marriage ceremonies, one Anglican and one Catholic, soon afterwards Annie became pregnant.

It was contrary to the 1791 Act of Settlement, which disbarred any person marrying a Roman Catholic from succession to the Throne.

The tide of Republicanism was rising and would culminate during Victoria’s Golden Jubilee year in the Bloody Sunday riots of 1887.

So when the Palace authorities were tipped off by one of Eddy’s coachmen, they acted swiftly and ruthlessly.
Prince Eddy was dragged and confined to court.

On the same day the luckless Annie Crook was abducted and confined for a hundred and fifty-six days in Guy’s Hospital by no less a figure than Queen Victoria’s Physician-in-Ordinary and Physician to the Prince of Wales, Sir William Gull.
Read More: http://the-atrocities-perpetrated-against-th.blogspot.com/2012/12/jack-royal-ripper.html

Is this Jack the Ripper? Artist with links to the royal family is most likely suspect, claims crime writer Patricia Cornwell

Crime writer Patricia Cornwell is promising to publish new research on the identity of Jack the Ripper which she claims will help to solve the mystery.

The best-selling author believes she has ‘cracked’ the case by unearthing evidence that confirms Walter Sickert, an influential artist, as the prime suspect.

Fans of the painter were critical of her first book for pointing the finger at the painter, but she has spent the last 11 years working to prove her theory.

She says she has a lot more detail and predicts people will be surprised by evidence she has unearthed linking Sickert with the royal family.

‘I feel that I have cracked it,’ she said.

‘I believe it’s Sickert, and I believe it now more than ever.’

Furthermore, Ms Cornwell, 47, says the artist had links to the royal family – perhaps backing some kind of royal conspiracy in relation to the crimes.

The bestselling author has been working with former Scotland Yard commander John Grieve to look through a selection of letters, held at The National Archives in Kew, allegedly sent to police by the killer.

While she admits her evidence is only circumstantial, Ms Cornwell argues it hard to accept it is merely a coincidence watermarks on some of the letters match paper used by Sickert.

‘Will we ever prove it? No — how can you?

‘It’s a completely circumstantial case with the only real science that we can count on after all these years being the forensic analysis, which is really hard to feel is coincidental when you keep seeing water marks on paper that Jack the Ripper and Sickert had in common.’

The author acknowledged that even if the artist wrote some of the letters, it does not mean Sickert was the killer.

However, she added: ‘In court, a jury might struggle with that. They are very confessional and violent letters.’

The writer has spent millions of pounds investigating the unidentified killer – who killed at least five prostitutes in Whitechapel in the late 1880s. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2515662/Is-Jack-Ripper-Crime-writer-Patricia-Cornwell-claims-cracked-mystery-new-evidence-linking-royal-family.html#ixzz2nOw4p5pg

The Illuminati 3 “Murder by the Monarchy” by Chris Everard

Jack The Ripper was a 3 man gang – The Final Solution with Stephen Knight (1980)

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Patriot of the Republic Talks about Obama*Care… 12/12/13

Poll: 59% Oppose Obamacare Insurance Mandate for Abortion, Sterilization

(CNSNews.com) — A new poll commissioned by the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defending Freedom shows that three out of five or 59 percent of likely voters oppose requiring insurance plans to cover FDA approved contraceptives, including those drugs that can destroy a human embryo and sterilization.

FRC President Tony Perkins issued the following statement regarding the survey and the Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday to accept the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood cases and decide the fate of Obamacare’s HHS mandate. Read more at: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/penny-starr/poll-59-oppose-obamacare-insurance-mandate-abortion-sterilization#sthash.FNxWQRPd.dpuf

Abortion – A Liberal Cause?
by Jefferis Kent Peterson
Abortion has been numbered among the liberal causes of modern politics. Abortion is identified with women’s rights just as the Civil Rights Movement was identified with equal rights for African Americans and other minorities. But is abortion really a liberal cause? A careful examination of the history of the abortion rights movement would shock even the most ardent defender of a woman’s right to choose. The founders of the movement were in fact racists who despised the poor and who were searching for a way to prevent colored races from reproducing. Rather than defending the rights of the poorest of the poor, which is the tradition of liberalism, the founders advocated abortion as a means of eliminating the poor; especially Blacks, Jews, Slavs, and Italians. And rather than desiring to help the poor through welfare programs, they wanted to eliminate all charities and government aid. Today, most liberals would be shocked to know of this racist heritage. Not only is the founding of the abortion rights movement anti-liberal, but it may have been an attempt to promote racial genocide.
Read More: http://groups.csail.mit.edu/mac/users/rauch/abortion_eugenics/peterson.html

Time’s Mark Halperin: Death Panels Are ‘Built Into’ ObamaCare

When former Alaska governor Sarah Palin famously said years ago that ObamaCare included death panels, the liberal media went nuts declaring her a kook while defending the law.

On Monday, Time magazine’s senior political analyst Mark Halperin, appearing on Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg Show, agreed that this was the case saying, “It’s built into the plan. It’s not like a guess or like a judgment. That’s going to be part of how costs are controlled” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

STEVE MALZBERG: I think they focused on the death panels which will be coming, call them what you will. Rationing is part of it.
MARK HALPERIN: I agree. Huge. It’s going to be a huge issue, and that’s something else about which the President was not fully forthcoming and straightforward.
MALZBERG: Alright, so you believe that there will be rationing, AKA death panels.
HALPERIN: It’s built into the plan. It’s not like a guess or like a judgment. That’s going to be part of how costs are controlled.
MALZBERG: Yeah, okay. Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/11/26/time-s-mark-halperin-death-panels-are-built-obamacare#ixzz2nJAt4PxJ

Obamacare : Mark Halperin says Death Panels was built into the Healthcare Plan (Nov 26, 2013)

SHOCKING! Obamacare “Death Panels” Mimic Hitler’s T4 Eugenics Program 11/26/13

Patriot of the Republic – Mike Fulmer







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Wednesday, December 04, 2013: National Liberty Alliance Conference Call MP3


Wednesday, December 04, 2013: National Liberty Alliance Conference Call MP3






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