Hybrid papers disclaimer

The purpose of this disclaimer is to deny any connection with Mr. Joaquin Mariano DeMoreta-Folch, who titles himself a God Grace Administrator , concerning his filing of papers in Sheridan County, Nebraska and any other papers he may have filed in other states/counties.

Numerous people from NLA have advised Joaquin not to file these kind of hybrid papers in the name of the Common Law Grand Jury. We explained that it could create a serious barrier to the efforts of NLA. We told Joaquin that if he was determined to file such papers to not do it in the name of the Common Law Grand Jury and he acknowledged that he would not use the name.

Joaquin is in dishonor for the following reasons:

1) Joaquin filed hybrid papers in the name of the Common Law Grand Jury after he said he would not injure us;

2) Joaquin does not live in Sheridan County, Nebraska he lives in Florida;

3) The People working to restore justice in the courts in Sheridan County, Nebraska through the Common Law Grand Jury has denied Joaquin’s hybrid papers.

4) Nevertheless Joaquin went forward on his own, claiming twenty-five people with him, presumed from other states if there are twenty-five people;

5) Joaquin purchased and used a Sheridan County, Nebraska seal identical to the one designed by the Common Law Grand Juries administrations we are creating, particularly Sheridan County, Nebraska, and in doing so he has blemished the Sheridan County Common Law Grand Jury administration.

6) Joaquin in his hybrid papers fraudulently used the following contact information IN THE UNITED STATES COURTHOUSE Office of the United States Marshal Services Director Washington, D. C. 20530-1000 Phone: (202) 307-9054, E-mail: usms.foia@usdoj.gov Stacia A. Hylton, United States Marshal Services Director

7) Joaquin fraudulently created the case number: 06/17/2014/CLGJIRDD/SCNE

8) Joaquin claimed himself the plaintiff.

9) Joaquin called his hybrid papers a lawsuit, a criminal complaint, a affidavit, a demand to Amend and a commercial lien to take the Homes, Lands and Possessions of the accused
Joaquin then lists fifteen facts yet to be proven in a court of law, quotes portions of the Magna Carta, US Constitution, Bill of Rights and US Codes and then illogically concludes with the imposing of fines and penalties giving his hybrid complaint a so called commercial value of $133,800,000.00.

Joaquin then seems to convert the hybrid papers into a commercial lien upon ten judges and fifty other people who Joaquin refers to as lien debtors. Joaquin then under the hybrid title Plaintiff, Common Law Grand Jury Administrator of Sheridan County, Nebraska commands and demands the accused to amend without delay, with the following threat:


Joaquin, plaintiff will execute said commercial and personal liens by 07/27/2014 whereas Joaquin will commence in the taking of their houses, lands and possessions under the power of a Notice of Default which Joaquin calls due process. Joaquin further ordains that all Defendants immediately shall be incapable to hold any office now and in the future; Joaquin further ordains that if the accused do not comply by 07/26/2014 the defendants shall serve as a reduced sentence from imprisonment of life to not more than 10 years of community service of 4 hours per day for the crimes that have been committed; with no pay; working each defendant, in a different criminology center of the State of Nebraska and Georgia; Defendants shall be teaching inmates to file “United States Constitutional Criminal Complaint; [but defendants are ignorant to the Constitution ]

Joaquin concludes with compounded interest at 1.00% per month and 12.68247% per year, on any unpaid balance of the outstanding debt, attached to Joaquin’s hybrid papers are numerous commercial liens signed by Randy Due, titled Public Minister.

The power and authority of the Common Law Grand Jury administration is to (1) investigate, (2) negotiate a remedy between the violator and the injured party, (3) bring the issue before the Grand Jury chosen from a pool within the county or federal district. The power and authority of the Common Law Grand Jury is to (1) write and file a True Bill of Indictment, (2) write and file a Bill of Information. Only the process by filing one of the aforesaid can remove a person from office.

The Grand Jury or its administration does not have the authority to (1) enforce a judgment without due process (due process is a trial by jury in a court of law), (2) file commercial liens (3) threaten and intimidate.

Joaquin with three others did not perform an investigation. Joaquin with three others did not try and negotiate a remedy but instead threatened and intimidated. Joaquin with three others did not bring the issue before the Grand Jury chosen from a pool within the county or federal district. Joaquin with three others did not bring the issue before the Grand Jury after an investigation. The Grand Jury did not write and file a True Bill of Indictment. The Grand Jury did not write and file a Bill of Information. Without an indictment a person cannot be removed from office. commercial leans come into play in courts of equity and not courts of law. The accused did not enjoy their day in a court of law (due process) before anyone can imprison or seize their property.

Joaquin just flew into Nebraska filed intimidating illegal papers and then flew back to Florida. Joaquin became the tyrant and if one of the accused filed a complaint with a proper Grand Jury Joaquin would be indicted because he injured people and violated their unalienable rights. We read in United States v Williams: “ we have insisted that the grand jury remain “free to pursue its investigations unhindered by external influence or supervision so long as it does not trench upon the legitimate rights of any witness called before it.” United States v. Dionisio, 410 U.S. 1, 17-18, 93 S.Ct. 764, 773, 35 L.Ed.2d 67 (1973) .”

The Grand Jury administration is not judge, trial and executioner, that’s the role of a tyrant. After conversations with Joaquin and reading his chaotic papers I have come to the conclusion that Joaquin is unlearned and unstable, and there is nothing more frightening then ignorance in action.


In conclusion Joaquin’s fifty-five page document was a combination of equity and fiction while claiming common law authority and thereby it is a hybrid document with no legal rhyme or reason. The said hybrid document also violates the unalienable right of due process of all of the accused. Joaquin has combined equity and fiction falsely in the name of common law.

It is my sincere and humble opinion that Mr. Joaquin Mariano DeMoreta-Folch because of the fraudulent impressions given by his un-authoritative document especially the impression that the paper was delivered under the authority of the Office of the United States Marshal Services Director Stacia A. Hylton in Washington D.C., that there has commenced by now an investigation by the justice department concerning Joaquin and all the people involved with this debacle.

No doubt this investigation will lead to Florida where Mr. Joaquin Mariano DeMoreta-Folch lives. It is further my opinion that the administration of the Florida Common Law Grand Juries will be in the justice departments cross hairs and any credibility that Florida NLA members give to Joaquin will put their efforts and all NLA members efforts in jeopardy. Joaquin has already been removed from NLA’s membership and we demand that all NLA members that are in association with Joaquin to remove themselves from our membership immediately.

I would further like to add that we have kept ourselves as pure as possible. I have been approach by many groups across the nation, and individuals working on their behalf, doing similar things as us, have approached me to join forces and I have refused them all, because NLA is not a group and NLA is not a top down organization like all the groups that have solicited me. We are the People, we are grassroots and we have found Liberty.

NLA is only a facilitator of knowledge, organization and communications. We have no chief but God. And we will either stand on principles or we will kiss the boots of tyrants.
Unfortunately the aforesaid groups are led by egos and without naming names a few of these egos, after telling me that they are honorable and respect what we are doing, slithered into what they saw as an opportunity to embellish themselves by partnering with Joaquin in this fiasco for fame. NLA has worked diligently in an effort to work within the judicial procedures of the courts of law and under the principles of Honor Justice and Mercy and these dishonorable people have betrayed us all.

Nevertheless be of good cheer and stand for justice, for we read, Rom 8:28 We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Thank you for your time and may God have mercy upon our souls.

In His Service,
John Darash



About Patriot of the Republic - Mike Fulmer

My name Mike Fulmer, and I am aware of the New World Order known as The Illuminati. I look for Conspiracy Facts, Local, US, Political, and World News. Also Christian Sermons, Scripture Verses, video's that I filmed at Political Events, Gun Rallies, and Protests.
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