Video: All Hell Breaks Loose In Court Room As Patriots Stand Against Tyranny

Gavin Seim – Liberty Speaker.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 15:16

(Before It’s News)

by Ashley Jones Alternate Current Radio Network

 Who Stands With Me?” That’s what my brother Nathan said when he was grabbed by police and removed dragged out, simply for being a patriot. You need to decide if you will stand!

Washington St- A very explosive video which shows just how corrupt Americas courtrooms and Judges have become was just released by patriot/activist Gavin Seim. In the video that Gavin shot inside the Washington St courtroom during the trial of another fellow patriot named Tell Shasteen who was being prosecuted for asking Officer O’mally why he was being pulled over.  

On a lonely dark highway in Douglas county, officer Evan O’Mally stopped Tell Shasteen who was driving with Tammy Seim returning from a family dinner in Wenatchee. The officer comes up to the window and the driver reaches for his information as he asks the officer the reason for the stop. The officer then refuses to give the information, even though Washington State law requires officers to verify reason for their stop (give their authorization) when asked.

The driver asked a common question. Knowing about the issues with unmarked police cars in Washington and that people impersonating drivers are more frequently getting people to stop on the road at night to rob, assault or worse, he made the right choice. While this car was marked, the driver could not see that in the darkness . Officers can’t just stop you. They have to have a legal reason to do so and the driver wanted to verify that.

The officer refuses to comply. Despite the fact that even if there were no such a law, it’s a perfectly reasonable question. When the driver fails to give his papers fast enough, the officer opens his door, violating the 4th amendment even while admitting the driver was not then under arrest. The officer claims he does not need permission to open the door. The driver demands that the officer close the door, but he refuses and arrests the driver, charging him with obstruction, but later changing it to a lesser, but still criminal charge of non compliance. All using the same RCW that he (the officer) failed to comply with when he refused to give his authorization for the stop.

The Video Shows approximately 20 patriots including Gavin and his family who was there in solidarity with Mr Chasten, and to record court proceedings just in case the court tried any shenanigans. well, as we have all learned by now in police state America, tyrants don’t take kindly to having their tyrannical actions recorded for all the world to see, and when Gavin and his brother nathan refused to turn off their cameras all hell broke loose.

“ County officials attacked, swooping in and dragging Nathan Seim out of the courtroom. The judge had not even entered the room. He called out to the crowd and the group of patriots stood up, blocking the way. Deputies used Nathan as a human battering ran, slamming into the men blocking their path and kidnapping him from what moments ago had been a peaceful courtroom.

I had momentarily left the room before the trial was to begin and returned to pandemonium. The courtroom was chaos and defiance. I moved to the front just as the judge entered.

Please watch and share this video with as many people as you can, so we can expose the tyranny that is prevalent in our Judical system today.It is only by exposing these tyrants to the light of day that we will one day redeem our Republic from the works of darkness.

Video: All Hell Breaks Loose In Court Room As Patriots Stand Against Tyranny

The Day Patriots STOOD UP in the Tyrant’s Court!​

We all knew this happening, but did not want to face it. It has never been exposed to the world like this until today. — Around the nation, Kangaroo Courts like this are abusing us. Once people walk through those doors their rights are as worthless as dung and they are silenced in fear of tyrant judges and a system that has nothing whatsoever to do with justice.

What we see here are 1st, 4th, 6th and 14th amendment violations!But what precipitated all the events in this courtroom the the open defiance of the 1st amendment by Douglas County officials when they only allowed their approved press to record. A press that went right out and reported exactly what the State wanted them to.

“Who Stands With Me?” That’s what my brother Nathan said when he was grabbed by police and removed dragged out, simply for being a patriot. You need to decide if you will stand!

We were attacked, violated and Arrested for defending the Constitution, our right to due process and our right to free speech. It’s time to take back out courts America. It’s time to take back our liberty.

The justice of tyrants is to accuse their victims of the very actions and crimes they have committed! It was a rigged trial of a young man that Douglas County, Washington officials wanted to make an example of.

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