POOL PARTY TERRORISTS! Cops Abuse Little Girl At Texas Pool Party While “Patriot” Watches On!!!

Pool Party Turns Violent When Police Show Up and Assault and Nearly Shoot Multiple Teens http://thefreethoughtproject.com/pool-party-turns-violent-police-show-assault-shoot-multiple-teens/

Police were called to the scene of a pool party in McKinney Texas where multiple witnesses say one out of control cop used brutal force on a 14 year old girl who was exercising her right to speak out against the targeting of black youths who had been invited to the party. A fight between adults had started earlier when a “white” woman used racial remarks to demonstrate her displeasure of too many “black” kids at the gated community pool. The situation spiraled out of control when a McKinney Texas Police Officer lost his composure slamming the young black girl’s face into a concrete sidewalk and pulling his weapon on some young black boys who were running while trying to get out of the way. Pete Santilli and his Co-host Deb Jordan break the story down and give vital analysis in this breaking news report.

McKinney, TX — A weekend pool party in Texas turned violent after a McKinney police officer on a power trip began brutalizing a young woman.

According to video post on Facebook, the police were called to a McKinney residence because of the large number of people attending a pool party.

The police officers were in some sort of feeding frenzy as they were rounding up young teens, armed only with their swimsuits and forcing them to a patch of grass on the roadside.

As the video begins, one officer is seen doing a barrel roll as if he’s in a war zone.

Once the officers seemed to have calmed down, one of them began to attack a young woman who was doing absolutely nothing wrong. As he was assaulting the young woman, several bystanders tried to intervene. At this point, things almost got deadly.

The officer then pulled his gun to ward off the good Samaritans who attempted to stop his brutal attack on a young woman. Luckily for all those involved, two of the crazed officer’s co-workers stopped him from shooting people. As he had his gun drawn on multiple teenagers, the two officers patted him on his back in an apparent attempt to calm him down.

“On your face!” screams the abusive officer as he slams a young girl’s head into the ground.

At the end of the video, the officer attempts to justify his brutal actions by telling the teens that the entire situation was their fault because they failed to prostrate themselves fast enough.

“I told you to sit!” the officer exclaims as if the teenagers were dogs who disobeyed his commands.

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