Late Bulletin on the Dixie County Whistleblower Case

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By APN Staff, December 14, 2015

Terry1The trial of Whistle-blower, Terry Trussell, is still set for February 1st, and things are beginning to heat up on the defense side. After Trussell’s first attorney fizzled, his new attorney, Inger Garcia, has picked up the ball and is gaining major yardage.

A huge change in plans on the prosecution side came when State Attorney Willie Meggs announced he was re-classifying eight ‘A’ class witnesses (deposable), to ‘C’ class witnesses (not deposable) because they were immaterial to the case. The reason this is important is that those same witnesses are also Mr. Meggs’ ‘victims’ of 10 charges in his 14-count Information against Trussell. And the reason that’s important is because, if they don’t know anything about the ‘crimes’ how can they be victims, and if they aren’t victims, how can there be a crime?

Another late development came during depositions conducted by Trussell’s attorney. During Ms. Garcia’s questioning of FDLE Special Investigator, Frank Linton, she forced him to admit his so-called ‘probable cause’ affidavit was completely void of facts, further, under intense questioning, he was unable to link any of his allegations against Trussell to anything Trussell did.

The next big revelation came when three more of the FDLE investigators were being questioned and they were forced to admit, not one of them had determined the True Bill Presentments by the People’s Grand Jury (PGJ) could possibly be taken for an ‘indictment’—and the key piece of evidence in Mr. Meggs’ case against Trussell—evaporates! It was also insisted that the whole case revolves around Trussell allegedly filing the PGJ presentments in the public record. But that was proven untrue because Dixie County Clerk of Court Dana Johnson, never filed the documents—in spite of charging Trussell for doing so, and submitting to him, a bogus receipt for her fraudulent filing! Trapped by her own duplicity!

No victims, no evidence—Mr. Meggs’ case is quickly unraveling. But it gets better. The depositions also revealed FDLE was put on the job by Governor Rick Scott, who was one of the officials named in the PGJ’s presentments—and who also assigned Willie Meggs and Judge James C. Hankinson to prosecute Trussell. Their orders were to find anything Trussell did that could possibly fit F.S. 843.0855—a law so overbroad and inclusive it can be tied to virtually any innocent act—as long as you’ve got a prosecutor so lacking of ethics he will misrepresent evidence and lie about witnesses.

So that’s what our ‘justice’ system has come down to: choose a political target, and find, or mold, a statute to make anyone appear guilty.

But it gets even better: During the depositions, it became necessary to reveal the defense had key exculpatory evidence which not only completely exonerates Trussell, it uncovers all the real crimes and true perpetrators involved in this case!  The evidence hinted at, came from two unexpected sources: the Dixie County Sheriff’s Department and State Attorney Willie Meggs’ office. Unnamed sources inside these two offices, independently leaked substantive information (in the form of an audio recording and content of several internal memos) to Trussell’s defense team which prove conclusively, he did no wrong. Further, that he is the victim of numerous state and county officials working in concert to cover-up their own corruption. To find out who and how, we’ll just have to wait for the trial.

Finally, to wrap it all up, FDLE Investigators revealed there had not been a single one of the so-called ‘victims’ to Trussell’s ‘crimes’ interviewed. Other than a phone call and an interview with Trussell, their total investigation of driving to Dixie County to retrieve ‘documents’.

Which begs the question: Is there any amount of dollars Meggs won’t spend in his attempt to curry favor with Boss Scott? But then, what does it matter, it’s not HIS money! While we don’t know how this will all turn out, it is well established: when dirty politics demand action, Meggs is your man!


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