Obamatrade: US Signs Globalist Trans-Pacific Partnership in Favor of One-World Government System

February 7th, 2016

Obamatrade: US Signs Globalist Trans-Pacific Partnership in Favor of One-World Government System

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“This is Some Sort of One-Unified Government Structure” says Sen. Jeff Sessions while blasting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal recently signed by the Obama regime.

But,  he had more to say:

“They’re not even asserting that it will create jobs in America, raise wages in America or reduce our trade deficit because these agreements in the past have been bad for all three.”

“I think for President Obama, I do believe the driving force behind this is a belief that this is some sort of a one unified governmental structure.” ~ Sen. Jeff Sessions

Conservative Refocus

By Barry Secrest

Obama’s cornerstone administration achievement, so says the White House, is the soon to be congressionally voted upon Trans-Pacific partnership, which Sen. Jeff Sessions has described as “some Sort of One-Unified Government Structure,” or in other words, a “One-World Government” system.

Obama’s trade representative quietly signed the TPP deal, today, in New Zealand, and now the deal goes to Congress, for ratification in a one up or down vote.

But, what the White House isn’t saying is how the TPP will seek to roll-up some of the largest western trading partners into a pact which is less about trade than it is about abolishing US sovereignty in favor of a centralized ruling tribunal run by a small number of international oligarchs, probably located in Europe.

Sessions went on to describe the deal as a “breathtaking erosion of US sovereignty.”



Specifically, the TPP is nothing more than a multi-national agreement which will serve as the architecture for a global “one-world” network of laws, regulations, and Big Corp favors designed to finally defeat America’s powerful & well-armed middle class.

This, will, inevitably, lead to highly-regulated, globally governed trade predicated upon internationally mandated civil overreaching, infringing upon, and in many cases, actually overriding the US Constitution.

However, it’s not just one of the most knowledgeable Conservatives in the Senate, but it’s also billionaire businessman and leading presidential candidate Donald Trump, who referred to the TPP as “a bad, bad, deal for American businesses, for workers, and for taxpayers.

Trump went on to state “it’s a huge set of handouts for a few insiders that don’t even care about our great, great America.”

Trump continued that “Congress has to stand-up to defeat this raw power grab–with a dismal Obama track record, why should a Republican Congress give him [Obama] more power and gut the Constitution to do it?”

“It’s just crazy!”

Most of us both know and can see that something is most definitely afoot in the case of America, and both Obama and the Bought-and-paid-for political establishment’s movement of the US towards the authoritarian TPP nightmare that globalists can only dream about.

Yet, because many are unaware of the explicit end game, we can’t possibly fathom how the pieces and parts of the overall undertaking will somehow flow together into a Perfect Storm of authoritarianism.

Within this end-game, regardless of ideological stance, the global agenda seems to now win the day with the ruling class, as if the players, when it comes to some integral part of the agenda, no matter whether they be Liberal or Conservative, Democrat, or Republican, will suddenly coalesce into lockstep, if only for a few needful moments, then it’s back to their old, if not worn out, ideological stagecraft, for our own political amusement.

As we watch the now well beyond odd, political ploys continually unfold in American governance, the pattern is becoming oh-so-familiar to those who watch closely.

The ideological agenda items keep coming, daily, along with heavily demagogued solutions designed to only further complicate existing problems.

For example, the Obamatrade (TPP) preamble actually recognizes state-owned enterprises, which are officially recognized Communist constructs, as legitimate, and even endorses these state-owned enterprises within the TPP.

The problems with a fascist foreign taxpayer subsidized enterprise, while obviously difficult for a private enterprise to compete with, will also contain advantages that may eventually seek to further unbalance trade, requiring even more government involvement, by all partners involved.

In effect, it’s an ongoing Globalists infiltration, and it is the globalists who appear to be dictating their marching orders to America’s Political ruling class, which then allows the overall picture to resolve into something becoming dramatically crystal clear.

From a mysteriously altered US Chamber, the Koch Brothers and their political machinations blanketed in faux-conservativism, to Soros pushing the Islamic refugee problem in Europe, and even  Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch’s agenda to open US borders, and at all points in between,  something has gone seriously amiss, in our America of the last fifteen years, especially with those now supporting amnesty, open borders, and a global trading scheme that has little to do with actual trade.

There are several things that cannot be denied. The first must be that traditional America is undergoing a process of diffusion and or dilution. In effect, the diffusion speaks to a diaspora of immigrants, illegal and otherwise, seeping into America and Europe, much like water into a dinghy.

In addition to this, we have Obama’s ongoing insistence to flood America with Islamic radicals, primarily from Syria and North Africa.

We further have the lie that America’s 94 million out-of-work citizens somehow equates to a 5.6% unemployment rate (only because18% of US citizens have given up looking for work) and then there’s the Obama sponsored impetus, utilizing the “World Church” Organization, to settle and fund radical Islamic elements of foreign nations, at points all over the US.

Between these three phenomena, financed and finagled by the unholy mutation of “Big Corp,” “Big Gov,” and “Big Church,” into one behemoth entity; soon, not only can “Big Brother” tell you what to do, “It” can also tell you what to buy, and even when to buy it, along with the official coercion of when and how to worship…. All under the auspices of “Global elitism” which bears no actual resemblance to our America, of old.

But, there is another even more nefarious impact that is even now being brought into fruition, which Obamatrade will lead to.

Think of it as “digging the footings” or maybe lining out the new foundation, because, the plans are already being set into motion, for what’s coming, but how do they get to the actual building phase, which necessarily ensues after the “great” tearing-down.

“After America, there is North America,” dutifully explains Ex-CIA Director David Petraeus, the former U.S. military commander , who was attending a conference titled “After America, What?”

That particular conference allowed only those watching to see what the Global Elites’ plans, overall, for Mexico, the United States, Canada, and even Europe, would amount to, which is, in fact, the erasure of America’s Southern and Northern borders in addition to the Balkanization of Europe.

The one thing that could bring this all about is the next financial collapse; and this reiteration of North America has already been cast, with America’s astounding debt which just reached $ 19 trillion, and is still rising dramatically, to this day.

The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment

Add to all of this,  the eventual collapse of Europe due to the refugee influx of millions, and other issues, already destabilizing EU governments, as dictated and then forecast by George Soros, leading at least some few of us to the conclusion that all of this has been meticulously engineered by those who can only now be deemed as supernaturally clever, at worst.

The overall impetus, within all of this, appears to be one of complete control, across  the planet, of an impending centralized government, paving the way for an eventual consolidation of power into a one world entity via political manipulation and coercive control, of the type that history has never seen.


Not only that, Obama may, in fact, be the King who rules over it all, since news has recently surfaced of Obama’s plans for possibly assuming the post of UN Secretary-General, in early 2017.

Even worse, if that’s even possible?

The Obamatrade (TPP) pact further seeks to entangle the US within a 10 region super-trade pact subject to the dictates of a formidably empowered central tribunal commission, which can economically override individual national sovereignty under UN authority.

In the official release of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Text, we ultimately saw the final foundation being laid down for what will become a world “super-state” where US sovereignty and the US Constitution become a distant memory, at best.

The agreement seeks to integrate all participating governments into a one size fits all, consortium, led by an eventual singular authority–confabulating what amounts to, in essence, “one criminal ring to rule them all.”

Now is the time to find out how each presidential candidate, each congressman or woman, and each Senator, will vote with regard to the disastrous deal, for the US, which has been called a cornerstone of the Obama regime, that is the TPP.

It could, in fact, be the beginning of a centralized tribunal authority with powers that could essentially dwarf any international construct seen, to date, if not in history.

As disturbing as this already may seem, the agreement also seeks to add the limitations of the climate change agenda, the UN’s agenda 21, and even (the Pope approved) Agenda-30 into the dictates of the agreement’s core, a thing that could prove well beyond tyrannical, once the details of the trade agreement, as enmeshed with other Globalist dictates, have been fully implemented.

To many, It’s as if Pandora’s box has been opened and there’s no magical solution that can reverse a thing that had, in fact, been predicted ages ago.

The integral component, to all of this, is the ongoing lamentation that the US, especially over the past decade, has played its own concerted role on the stage that has culminated, both at this point and in this specific time, into America’s final Event Horizon.


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