Sheriff Paul Babeu, Sheriff Scott Jones & Donald Trump: Illegally Mexican Immigrants, The Mexican Mafia & The Drug Cartels (YouTube Video’s) | The Mexican Mafia has given a “green light” to take out Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. A “green light” indicates that the assassin given the order must complete the murder or he will be killed himself, as will his family.
“I understand this threat, yet I will not run in fear or change my support for SB1070 and my demands for President Obama to secure our border with 3,000 armed soldiers in Arizona and start building the fence again. I’m always armed and as every law enforcement member knows, we always have to be aware of our surroundings and possible threats,” he said.
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Sheriff Scott Jones has recorded a video message to President Obama asking for immediate immigration reform. In the aftermath of the recent murders of Sacramento Sheriff Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff Detective Michael Davis Jr., by a suspect found to have been in our Country illegally and removed four different times, Sheriff Jones initiates a national conversation for the need of immediate action by the federal Government.

“In the scope of today’s society, the inaction of our nationally elected officials has real consequences for the populace as a whole. Now is the time to take this conversation out of coffee houses and talk shows to an audience who has the ability to affect real change.” –Sheriff Scott Jones

Flashback Friday: Donald Trump Calls Mexican Immigrants Drug Dealers and Rapists

Hail to the Gynocracy! reports on news and events related to White Nationalists, Red Pillers, Dark Enlightenment thinkers, and other figures in the Alternative Right movement. In this video, Donald Trump calls undocumented Mexican immigrants criminals, drug dealers, and rapists in his presidential announcement speech.

Most people are aware that the obama_hillary_muslim_brotherhoodKu Klux Klan is a white power organization. Some people are even aware of the fact that the KKK was created by The Democratic Party. Even fewer are aware of the KKK’s foothold in Washington D.C.


Most people are aware of The New Black Panther Party. But are they aware of its true purpose?

And most people hear the respectful allowance of La Raza to enter the U.S. political landscape. But most people have no idea what La Raza really is or where it came from. Recently, an exhibit at The Bob Bullock museum in Austin, Texas glorified the explosive event that took place in the small Texas town of San Diego in 1915. When a Spanish document appeared calling for Chicanos, African Americans, Native Americans, and Japanese Immigrants to start at race war at 2 AM on February the 20th, 1915. The document also called for the execution of all adult white males over the age of sixteen and the recapturing of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Colorado from the United States Government. In July of 1915, bands of Mexican revolutionaries entered the Rio Grand Valley. They disrupted transportation and killed several Anglo Americans. One of these sporadic raids, led by Pancho Villa, caused General John Pershing to enter Northern Mexico in Pursuit. The escalating tensions were finally brought to a standstill when Mexican and U.S. officials agreed to a peaceful settlement.

Ancient history right? Wrong.

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Alex Jones LIVE 28 Hour Broadcast: Operation Sleeping Giant (Playlist)

Alex Jones LIVE 28 Hour Broadcast Operation Sleeping Giant 2

Operation Sleeping Giant Now Live: Infowars 28-Hour Broadcast Begins!


Help us break the globalist stranglehold on free humanity July 27, 2016

Infowars “Operation Sleeping Giant” 28-hour broadcast begins today at 11AM CST!

Watch the live feeds at and or on Youtube.

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schedule-5Help us expose Hillary Clinton’s attempted takeover and the globalist agenda as we bring you exclusive interviews, special reports and continued DNC coverage from Alex Jones and the Infowars crew.

During this historic time it is more important than ever to stand up and let your voice be heard as we take our fight to the next level.

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Boom, boom, Hillary and the Gun Control Lobby

Hillary Clinton and the Gun Control lobby really want to take our Guns from us and make the American people slaves, and the fake Conservative and bully Bill O’Reilly is preaching a liberal narrative on gun control. So Clinton and O’Reilly can encourage our Government to commit mass Democide of the American people.

Democide is a term revived and redefined by the political scientist R. J. Rummel (1932–2014) as “the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder”.

Yes, Hillary Wants to Get Rid of the Second Amendment,
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Clinton Renews Attack on Second Amendment

Outlawing firearms will be central to her campaign following Orlando attack

June 13, 2016

Clinton Renews Attack on Second Amendment

In the wake of Orlando, the government has renewed its effort to dismantle the Second Amendment.

“We did have an assault weapons ban for ten years,” Hillary Clinton told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “I think it should be reinstated.”

“Let’s keep weapons of war off our streets like the one that was used in Orlando,” she added, talking to the Today Show.

“We know the gunman used a weapon of war to shoot down at least 50 innocent Americans and, you know, we won’t even be able to get the congress to prevent terrorists or people on the no-fly list from buying guns.”

Omar Mateen, the suspected gunman in Orlando, wasn’t on a no-fly list. In fact, he worked for a company contracted to the Department of Homeland Security, the US Army, and federal and local law enforcement.

Following the attack, Clinton called semi-automatic firearms “weapons of war.” The suspected gunman, however, reportedly used an AR-15. The rifle is not considered a weapon of war because it is not fully automatic. Any resemblance between the AR-15 and the military grade and fully automatic M-16 is purely cosmetic.

On Monday, Clinton went further and equated the Second Amendment to a trap.

“I think we’ve got to get back to common sense safety reform, you can’t fall into the trap that was set up by the gun lobby that say you can’t stop every incident, that we should not try to stop any,” she told CNN’s New Day on Monday.

Clinton’s “common sense” attack on gun ownership would prove to be a failure, just as the Federal Assault Weapons Ban passed in 1994 during her husband’s administration failed to reach its stated goal.

The ban did not lower the murder rate. In fact, in 2003, the last year before the law expired, the murder rate in the United States was 5.7 per 100,000 people, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report. The murder rate fell to 4.7 per 100,000 people by 2011. Statistics show just 2.6% of all murders are committed using any type of rifle, The Wall Street Journal notes.

Wide Support for Second Amendment

Most Americans support the Second Amendment and believe encouraging people to carry firearms and take responsibility for their self-defense is a more effective way to fight against crime and terrorism than enacting draconian gun legislation.

In December, shortly after the attack in San Bernardino, an ABC News/Washington Post poll found that most Americans support the Second Amendment.

The number of people favoring a ban is declining. The poll found only 45 perfect favor an assault weapons ban, down 11 percentage points from an ABC/Post poll in 2013 and down from a peak of 80 percent in 1994. Fifty-three percent oppose such a ban, the most on record, according to ABC News.

Despite public opposition to outlawing firearms, the government will continue its push to water down and eventually nullify the Second Amendment.

The former deputy director of the CIA, John McLaughlin, believes the Supreme Court will rule in favor of outlawing firearms.

“Much as an assault weapons ban makes sense, at least to me, its opponents seem always to have the upper hand. Probably the most important future factor will be which candidate gets to appoint the next Supreme Court justices. Recall that the Supreme Court in 2008 declared the District of Columbia ban on handguns unconstitutional under the Second Amendment, thus negating the ability of local jurisdictions to legislate such bans. A different court might roll this back in another test case.”

Donald J Trump, the National Rifle Association, and the American Gun

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The Clintons, The REAL Racists

I give the credit to The Alex Jones Channel and Patriot of the Republic, Mike Fulmer

Former Bill Clinton Girlfriend: Hillary and Bill are Racists

Kurt Nimmo | Jon Bowne
hillary-gov-mansionDoes anyone on the left actually care about racism? Or is it just being used as a Salinksyesque tool to polarize the sheep into bleating what they have been told is true? Because according to Dolly Kyle, the former high school girlfriend of Bill Clinton, Bill and Hillary Clinton regularly used racial epithets and looked down on poor people.

Kyle makes the accusation in her book, Hillary: The Other Woman. In addition to calling mentally disabled children at a Governor’s mansion Easter egg hunt “fucking ree-tards,” Kyle says Hillary referred to the people of Arkansas as “ignorant hillbillies.” Hillary also allegedly used the derogatory terms “stupid kike” and “fucking Jew bastard.”

Bill, Kyle insists, called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a “goddamned nigger.” Latinos were similarly slandered and profiled.

Jon Bowne | Kurt Nimmo

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Hillary’s State Dept. Blocked Investigation into Orlando Killer’s Mosque

BREAKING! Hillary Blocked Investigation Into Orlando Killer’s Mosque

Further proof Hillary fueled rise of ISIS

– June 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. shut down an investigation into the mosque Orlando killer Omar Mir Siddique Mateen attended because it “unfairly singled out Muslims.”

The Fort Pierce Islamic Center, where Mateen worshipped several times a week, was under investigation by both the FBI and DHS as early as 2011 for ties to a worldwide Islamic movement known as Tablighi Jamaal which was linked to several terrorist organizations.

But the investigation was shut down under pressure from the Clinton-ran State Dept. and DHS’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Office out of fear of offending Muslims, according to recently retired DHS agent Philip Haney.

“The FBI had opened cases twice on him, and yet they found no evidence to charge him; it means they didn’t go through the same basic, analytical process that I went through over a three- or four-hour period in which I was able to link the mosque to my previous cases,” he told WND on Sunday.

In other words, the FBI had limited options at stopping Mateen because it was ordered to back off its investigation into his mosque.

Both Clinton and the Obama administration have a history of enabling Islamic terrorism.

In 2012, Clinton’s State Dept. was backing al-Qaeda in Iraq, which morphed into ISIS, and other Islamic extremist groups as a proxy army to topple Syrian President Bashir al-Assad.

“The Salafist [sic], the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI [al-Qaeda in Iraq] are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria,” a leaked memo between her State Dept. and the Pentagon stated. “The West, Gulf countries, and Turkey support [this] opposition, while Russia, China and Iran ‘support the [Assad] regime.’”

This secret document confirms that Clinton’s State Dept. – and the Obama administration in general – were directly responsible for the rise of ISIS, which is now targeting the West.

The former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, confirmed the document’s importance.

“I don’t know that [the Obama administration] turned a blind eye [to ISIS], I think it was a decision; I think it was a willful decision,” he said.

Clinton even admitted some responsibility.

“…The United States had – to be fair – we had helped create the problem we’re now fighting,” she said in an interview with Fox anchor Greta Van Susteren. “When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, we had this brilliant idea we were going to come to Pakistan and create a force on Mujahideen, equip them with Stinger missiles and everything else to go after the Soviets inside Afghanistan.”

“Now you look back [and] the people we’re fighting today, we were supporting in the fight against the Soviets.”

Additionally, on Oct. 1 President Obama authorized a shipment of guns to ISIS-linked militants in Syria – the exact same day he demanded more gun control in response to Umpqua Community College shooting in Ore.

“The approval came at a National Security Council meeting on Thursday,” CNN reported at the time. “…The President also emphasized to his team that the U.S. would continue to support the Syrian opposition as Russia enters the war-torn country.”

But as his administration admitted in the 2012 leaked memo, the “Syrian opposition” is predominantly jihadist militants – just like the Orlando killer.

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I give the credit to The Alex Jones Channel and Patriot of the Republic, Mike Fulmer.

Hillary Rodham ClintonHillary Clinton’s State Dept. shut down an investigation into the mosque Orlando killer Omar Mir Siddique Mateen attended because it “unfairly singled out Muslims.”

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William Weld Libertarian Vice Presidential Pick!

Johnson - Weld 2016Why I do not trust William Weld.

1.) Because he holds a title of nobility, Esquire, Attorney, Lawyer.


The Title of Nobility Clause is a provision in Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, that not only forbids the United States from granting titles of nobility, but restricts members of the government from receiving gifts from foreign states without the consent of the United States Congress.


2.) William Weld is a honorary member of the Council on Foreign Relations.:

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2016 NRA Annual Meeting – Sheriff David Clarke

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Sheriff David Clarke

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